Introduction: Beer Can Bike Stand

*8 empty beer cans, made into aluminum sheet
*2 tubes rolled
*Attached together
*Fitted to bike
*Bike stand made


8 aluminum beer cans
Some nylon rope
Packing tape

Step 1: Aluminum Sheet.

Aluminum sheet was made using 8 beer cans, tops and bottoms removed, trimed and cut down the centres.They were flattened against an edge.

Step 2: Two Tubes Were Made

Two tubes were made using 4 sheets each tube. The sheets were wrapped around dowel and fastened with packing tape.

Step 3: Tubes Joined.

The tubes were joined using rope and uhu glue. Loops were added to the ends of each tube.

Step 4: Fitted to Bike

Using the loops at each end of the tubes the stand is fitted to the bike when required.
When not required the stand is stored on the bike.

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