Introduction: Beer Can Fire Fan

You can use a variety of objects to fan the flames of your fire. Magazine, dust pan, (cast iron frying pan). I like this fan because its light, made from recycled materials and it works.


You will need:

- two large empty beverage cans.

-Wire handle from jiffy pop popcorn

Step 1:

Start by drinking beer and eating popcorn, preferably night before starting project. Cut the tops and bottoms from the cans. A knife is better for this than scissors. Then cut with scissors lengthwise. Keep lengthwise cut as clean as possible, as jagged edges will cut you later (Ask me how I know......). Top cuts don't matter as much.

Step 2:

Place your pieces of beer can together and pinch in RV door.

Step 3:


Step 4:

Lightly pound with modified hammer to crimp. Make at least 2 crimps

Step 5:

Check size to wire handle. Add more beer cans if needed.

Step 6:

Start folding the corners up. Tuck folded corners under wire and hammer as needed to crimp.

Step 7:

Crimp and lightly pound around the wire until you are satisfied.Done! Now you have a groovy one of a kind fan!