Introduction: Beer Can Pendulum Art

I had seen some You Tube clips on pendulum art so for this Instructables painting challenge I thought I would give it a go.

I did it in a local park as I thought this would enable me to find a tree and swing an empty beer can full of paint from one of it's branchs. To get the string over the branch I attached a piece of cotton to a small drone and flew it over. I then attached string to the cotton and pulled it over the branch. This string was strong enough to hold the can. The main disadvantage of using a park was there was some wind and this was a bit of a hassle as the ground sheet would blow around a bit.


White paint (I used some ceiling paint but if you have some left over from a previous job, use that)

Empty beer can


Some coloured card to be painted

Ground sheet.

Weight, taped to the can.

Nail and hammer.

Step 1: Giving It a Go

The approach taken was:

  1. Get the string over the branch.
  2. Attach a weighted empty beer can.
  3. Check it will swing O.K.
  4. Punch a hole in the bottom of the can with a nail and hammer, then tape the hole.
  5. Fill the beer can with white paint.
  6. Reconnect to the string, remove the tape and swing it.

Step 2: Getting the String Over the Branch

A piece of cotton was attached to a small drone and flown over the branch, turned out I hadn't made the cotton long enough so more was added and and the drone flown over again, skillfully landing in a plant.

Once the cotton and drone was over, string was attached to the cotton and pulled over.

A weighted can was attached to the string and tested that it would swing O.K.

Step 3: Painting With a Beer Can

A hole was punched into the bottom of the beer can and then taped.

White paint was poured though a small funnel (previously made from a beer can) until almost full.

The can was attached back on to the string, tape removed and given a swing.

The paint pouring from the hole made a series of arcs of paint onto the cardboard below.


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