Introduction: Beer Can Wi-Fi Extender

A wifi range extender made from a Beer can is claimed to improve speed and increase range.

The thinking being: a wifi antenna is omnidirectional, sending the signal everywhich way. A parabolic curve reflector made from a beer can, focuses the signal in one direction, extending range and improving speed.

Thats the theroy but does it work in practice?
Over to you to build and find out.


Beer can
Stiff wire from coat hanger
Packing tape

Hammer, nail (or drill)

Step 1: Cut Off Top, Partially Around Bottom

* Cut off the top using a knife and scissors.

* Trim edges with scissors.

* Cut around the bottom being careful to leave 2
inches attached.

* Cut down the can to meet the bottom cut
opposite the attached section.

* Trim the edges with scissors.

* Round the corners slightly with scissors.

Step 2: Make Parabolic Curve

* Draw around the can on a piece of paper, near the bottom of the paper.

* Mark the centre of the circle - this will be the parabola's focal point.

* Stick one end of a piece of string at the focal point with sticky tape.

* Follow the instructions in this short video on Drawing Parabolic curve using string;

Step 3: Shape Can Into Parabolic Curve

* Shape a stiff wire to match the parabolic curve. I cut some wire from a coat hanger and shaped it to follow the curve.

* Shape the can a bit with your hands and then glue and tape the curved wire to the back of the can to give support.

Step 4: Make Hole in Bottom of Can

* Make a hole in the bottom of the can so it can slide over the wifi antenna.

* I flattened the bottom a little, then made a hole using a nail and hammer by tapping a series of nail punches around a little circle, removed it, then smoothed the hole with a small round file. You could use a drill.

* If you didn't want to make a hole you could cut the bottom off the can rather than the top and use the drink pourer for the hole. Though then the antenna wouldn't be at the focal point of the parabolic curve.

Step 5: Place on or Behind Wifi

* Slide the extender over the antenna of your wifi. If the wifi has more than one antenna, make more than one reflector. You can cut off part of the reflecting walls to fit both if required.

* If there's no external antenna, cut off the bottom of the can and place the reflector just behind the wifi.

* Ensure you have the extender pointing towards where you want the wifi signal sent.

Step 6: Speed Test

Download a speed test app to your phone and test the internet download speed without the beer can extender and then with. What is the difference?

Does it work for you?
As I don't have a wifi setup I am unable to verify but these guys have tested similar setups:

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