Introduction: Beer Keg Stool

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I have a beer keg in office due to some prototyping of something ;-)

The only problem is that our CEO does not know anything about the project. Moreover he told me that my desk is caos enough and it is quite srange for our customer to walk by a completly packed desk AND a beer keg.

I doesn't want to clean my desk instead I'm transforming the beer keg to a stool.

Due to complience it is not possible for me to show my desk at work, but you'll see my private instead. (Last step)

Step 1: Prevent Wiggleing

To prevent the seat from wiggleing I've used some scrapwood which sits tightly. The most beer kegs are mistreated which lead to a oval form rather than a round. This way it is possible to even wedge the seat when turned.

Step 2: Seat

The seat is just a round plate. The thing from the last step is simply screwed onto it.

Now our customer only see a stool next to a packed desk.

Step 3: My Desk

This is my private desk at home and my workshop... you can imagen how my desk looks like in office.

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