Beer Mug From a Beer Can

Introduction: Beer Mug From a Beer Can

This idea first occured to me few years ago when i was going camping with friends. Why throwing your empty beer can when you can refill it and reuse it? And you know what? All my friends were amazed from the simplicity of the project and the astonishing final result! It's easy to carry - just clip it to your backpack and easy to remake in case of a random destruction act.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Well you don't need much. For this project you have to find:

  1. 300 ml beer can (in many countries there are 500 and 600 ml beercans, but they just don't look that good!)
  2. Two zip ties, of course!
  3. Some sandpaper - something around P200 - 400 for fine finishing
  4. A keychain carabiner - there is no specific size, just try to match the height of the beercan

Step 2: Open the Can and Drink the Beer!

You don't want to work with the beer inside the can ;) Trust me, until the end of the project the drink will be gone!

Step 3: Now We Start Working!

So now you have to do some "heavy" working by sandpapering the top ring of the beer can as shown on the first picture. You probably need 10 to 15 minutes to remove the top ring from the can as shown on the second picture. After you do this just polish the edges just in case you don't like blood in your beer.

In case you are a vampire do not apply this last step!

Step 4: Now We Do the Construction Part!

In case everything went fine you will end up with a top-opened beer can. Just wash it from the beer and take the carabineer and the zip ties.

Put both of the zip ties through the carabiner and around the beer can. Make sure the "heads" of the zip ties are placed on the carabiner (it just looks cooler). Don't tighten them too hard. I try to fold the beer can just a little so there is going to be a fixed "bed" for the carabiner. Remove the unnecessary parts of the zip ties and proceed to the most important step!

Step 5: Fill It Up!

Now you have a fantastic beer mug made out of scrap. But you have to remember - every beer mug is feeling really sad when empty so you have to think of something to make both you and the mug happy! Do not fill up with water - this will make you even sadder... stick to the beer ;)

Step 6: Hello World!

Next time you are going camping or just outdoors, work, school, university or whatever do not forget to take your favorite mug with you with the ease of clipping it to your backpack!

Step 7: Cheers and Enjoy!

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    Niii Pawww
    Niii Pawww

    6 years ago

    Simple... but I like it!