Introduction: Beer Tray

The Beer Tray,
Next time when you have a party you will not have to waste you time walking up and down with beer bottles nor do you have to open them one by one.

The Beer Tray is made so you can hang all the bottle on the tray and when someone takes the bottle he will automatically open it.

Must have:
- Hanging system for bottles
- Opening system
- Led light
- Handle

Could have:
- Box for crowns

Wont have:
- A paint job


- 2x Wooden plate 300x300x6mm (or 1x 300x600x6mm)

- 8x 5 euro cents (or any other small flat metal parts)

- Led light with battery

- Glue/nails/screws and small hinges


- Measurement tools

- Laser cutter

- Wood-file

- Hammer

- Clamps

- Drill

Ruben Everwijn

Step 1: Step 1: Measurement

Measurement of the bottle top and the crown is needed so you can create the hanging system.
Not all bottles have the same measurements so be sure you use your favorite beer for measurement.

- Make sure the crown fits through the bigger hole but only the bottle fits through the smaller one

Step 2: Create and Cut Design

Draw the design of the tray in a program as Illustrator. Make sure your measurements are correct to the bottles. I used Wood of 6mm thick and 30cm by 60cm big

- The tray has a diameter of 30cm and 8 bottle holls as measured at step 2.

- When you create you design for the whole tray keep in mind where most of the stress will be. Such as the forces of opening a bottle but also the bottles then self hanging.

- Now use a laser cutter to cut your design out of wood.

Step 3: Glue, Screw or Hammer the Design

When you have your cut out pieces its time to connect them. As you can see my design has a special cut out part for 5 euro-cents. As i am using wood its important to has a metal part reinforcing the pressure points.

I also use a vile to make the bottom of the holes more smooth for the bottles. As said before every bear bottle has their own measurements.

It's important for this 'opening'system that the bottles slide right in. if there are to loose (when your wood isn't thick enough) the forces wont work in your favor.

Step 4: Adding Holding Doors

In my design i have doors to hold the bottle in place. It will also help allot when removing the crown. I used very small Clamps. However it doesn't really matter how big there are as long as the doors open and don't block the bottle.

Step 5: Adding Handle and Extras

To make my design more manly ive added a hammer as handle. Find a old hammer or by a cheap one. As long as the handle is thick enough as it will have to stand allot of forces

- Make sure you screw the handle on the tray with the biggest screw you can find. It will keep everything together.

- Also make sure you screw threw both layers of wood into the handle.

- If your design is bigger when this one its recommended to have a few extra slam screw reinforcing the 2 layer at crucial points

When you have installed the handle you can install extra fun stuff to the tray such as a light. I've chosen a light as you would probably use the tray at party's at night. The light shines up the bottle which gives a very cool effect.

Step 6: Result

Now you have a cool way to bring your friends a cold beer. When they grab a beer make sure they pull it with the right angle. Otherwise they will spill all that beautiful yellow liquid.

If there are any questions feel free to ask