Introduction: Beer Bottle Fire Lamp

Been drinking?

Bit dark?

Maybe it's time to tidy up, do the recycling, open the curtains, or instead you could make a few nice beer bottle lamps and say it's a new trend, if your place is a pit then the materials will be less then a few feet from you, in the rare case that you're tidy then you may need to walk to the kitchen...

Step 1: House-hold Materials!!!

These are the house hold materials you'll need to make the lamp:

  • beer bottle (a clear or green one is best)(i used a Chinese one)
  • cotton balls (no substitutes!)
  • a sheet foil (any will do)

To use it you need these:
  • liquid fuel (denatured alcohol and canola oil are good)
  • a source of ignition (matches, lighters, anything will do)

Stuff you Might need
  • funnel
  • an upside down bowl, or something else to snuff out the flame, for when you're done...
  • a fire extinguisher? i hope you won't need one...

Step 2: Keep on Rollin'

Needed materials:
  • 2-3 cotton balls

Roll up your cotton balls into a string, at least as long as your beer bottle.

Step 3: Fill Er' Up!

Needed materials
  • a funnel (maybe)
  • the beer bottle

prepare your beer bottle, and fill it up.
use a funnel if you have to.

Step 4: Finish Up

Needed materials
  • foil, or cap
  • finished wick
  • bottle

Get your cotton wick, and put it into the bottle, don't let it fall in.
Now rip out a piece of foil, and poke a small hole in it.
Then put the wick (already in the bottle) through the hole, and rap it up, and repeat until you think it's enough.
(see picture for help)
The foil will cap the bottle, and more importantly, it'll block the flame from the rest of the fuel, and seal the rest of the fuel from oxygen.

Step 5: Light It Up!

Needed materials
  • the finished lamp (duh)
  • the lighter, or match, or whatever...

Briefly tip the bottle upside down to soak the wick in fuel.
Now take your lighter or match, and light the wick!
The fuel will burn but not the wick.

Congratulations, you're done!