Introduction: Red Beet Pickle

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Beet is very good for winter (update: Also summer!) and helps a lot with headaches. What's better than beet? Beet pickle! :) In wikipedia, you can find more information about beets . (Beets have a lot of carbohydrate which give you a lot of energy)

Step 1: Ingredients

  • A Beet : Large : Red beets are better for pickle .
  • Vinegar : A bottle : 0.5 liter
  • Sugar : 50-100g
  • Salt & pepper : A few

Step 2: Make the Beet Ready

  1. Skin the beet with a small knife .
  2. Split it : For this work I use a shaver that have a blade for this work & split the fruits very easy and nice . (Slice)

Step 3: Cook the Beet

Put your slices in a suitable pot and add the vinegar & sugar .
Now place it on a low flame for 90 minutes . (30min before boiling + 60min after boiling)

Step 4: Get Ready to Serve

After the slices get cold , put them in a jar , with “15-30 Centigrade” temperature .
After 2 weeks your pickle is ready to serve .
Warning : If you have a gastric problem , it’s better for you to serve the pickles with a food . Because pickles can make respiratory problem for you if you serve them singly .