Introduction: Beetle

This is a toy that I made. 
It moves back and forward depending on the way I put my inputs. 

Step 1: Equipment

Equipment that I used:

Rubber, Popsicle Sticks,  Four Lego motors, Arduino shield, light sensor, USB cable, Wires, hot glue, Lego pieces, Soldering equipment, Jen500 (power supply)

Step 2: Step 1

Construct the body of the beetle as shown in the picture. To construct the body, use rubber to make it solid. You can also use hot glue to attach the sticks but using the rubber bands, you can easily remove or add the sticks. Also you can attach your arduino board to the beetle but it might get too heavy. Thus, I recommend putting the ardunio out.

Step 3: Step2

Once the bottom of the body is constructed, place the four motors on to the body of the beetle. After that, put sticks around the motors to make the motors fully attached to the body of the beetle.
Once the motors are placed, use lego pieces to make the legs of the beetle.

Step 4: Step3

Connect the motors to the arduino shield. Connect the two front motors to each other so that it rotates identically. Also, connect the back motors to each other using cables. Once these two are connected, connect one of the motors in front to M1 of aduino and connect one of the back motors to M2 of the arduino board.

Step 5: Step4

Connect the wires to the light sensor.  There will be a sign on the light sensor to where the signal, ground, and the power source will go. Connect this again to the cable of the arduino board. The thickest cable goes to ground, red goes to power, the other black goes to signals. It will be helpful to solder these two to make them fully attached. Once these are connected connect this to A0 of aduino board.

Step 6: Step 5

Place the noise generating device to the back of the beetle. You can attach this using the rubber band. The cables of the generator also go to one of the motors inputs.

Step 7: Step 6

Connect the power source (Jen 500) to make the motors to go around faster. This will help to beetle to move faster.

Step 8: Step 7

Program the modkit!
This will make the beetle to go forward when the botton of the board is pressed. Also when you put your hands closer to the sensor, it will move backward, generating a sound.

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