Introduction: Before and After Old Picture Frame to Big Chalkboard

I have two girls and they both love drawing so, of course I decided make a Chalkboard and the colour is no surprise to anyone with two gurls. So let's begin.

Step 1: Preparation of the Frame and the Board

I found this old picture frame in the attic and it's the perfect size 90/60 cm. I bought from the DIY store a piece of MDF board. It was pretty cheap because it was pre cut leftover so it was about 2 €. I cutted it to fit the frame and used a stapler to fix it in place. Then cleaning, sanding and grinding. And More sanding till smooth surface. Then I used a 2 in 1 product Impregnator and prime. And if you haven't guessed it - more sanding.

Step 2: Painting

It's time to make the chalkboard preety. For the first two coats I used a silicon based waterproof paint. Sanding between each coat for better finish. Once it's dried I mixed 2 parts dark pink acryl with 1 part white and 1 part white plaster. Mix well until there are no crums. I mixed a different portion for every coat of paint. Then I played with some acril spray paint for the frame. With two girls it has to sparkle and shine so... sparcle it is. Silver top coat spray.

Step 3: Making the Boxes Pretty

I bought there wooden crates at Ikea. And they're perfect for storage. I used three colours of acrylic paint and the shining spray again. They turned out pretty cute. I mounted hooks at the top so they can be plased on the wall.

Step 4: Finished... Finally...

I mounted all the peaces on the wall and I'm waiting for the girls to see it finished at last. I drew a message for them to try it and it looks pretty good. Initially I was worried that the pink is too dark and the chalk woudnt be visible enough but as you see the colours are wonderful. All that's left is to go and buy a few boxes of chalk ☺