Introduction: Before and After: Soda Bottle

Hi guys i'm back with another project after a long time and in this one I transform a ordinary soda bottle into a bb gun or a pellet gun the difficulty for this project is hard and just enjoy! and have fun. If you like this project i'm sure you'll like my others too, please support me on so that i can keep you guys updated with more good and frequent projects. Vote for me in the before and after contest too.

Step 1: Step 1 : Materials and Tools

1. A Soda bottle

2. A sturdy pipe (thickness shown above)

3. A rubber grip

4. A Solenoid with a DC rating of 12 volts

5. A metal pipe (thickness shown above)

6. A rubber pipe with duct tape on both ends and a bolt that is the size of the opening of the solenoid valve

7. Zip ties

8. A trigger like switch

9. A hot glue gun

10. wires

11. Tyre Valve

12. 9V Battery and a clip for it

Step 2: Air Valve

Firstly i drilled a hole in the bottom of the bottle and then take 2 wooden skewers glue them together and then take the valve and stick it into one end of the skewer and push it up the bottle with a little dab of hot glue on its brim so it can be sealed from the inside too and when the other end of the valve sticks out of the hole glue that end too. To get a tight seal.

Step 3: Gluing the Cap On

So first take the cap drill a hole in it and insert the pipe in it then tie cable ties on both ends then hot glue both end close the cap and then hot glue the seal of the cap and the bottle all shown above in the pictures.

Step 4: Reinforcement and Bottle's Pipe to Solenoid

Take 2 pencils and chop them so they are of the same size after that the pipe which is on the bottle chop it to a small size and wrap tape around it to thicken it like shown above then fit it into the solenoid valve then those pencils come into play glue them to the cap and then tape it. then glue the solenoid onto the pencils to give them support and now you've got a reinforcement for the solenoid

Step 5: Wiring and Barrel Into Solenoid Valve

2 leads will come out of the solenoid valve one will directly connect into the battery clip and the other will go into the switch and the other one of the battery clip will also go into the switch. As for the barrel insert the rubber pipe with duct tape and a bolt into the metal pipe and then your barrel is ready just tighten the bolt into the solenoid valve and voila! and then tape the barrel onto the pencils and then cover the whole metal pipe in tape too just for a cool finish.

Step 6: Switch and Handle

Connect all the wires just like like i told you then cover the switch in tape for a better look and insert all the wires into the handle and tape then tape the battery onto the handle and connect the clip and the handle is complete. then drill a hole in the handle for the zip tie from which the handle will be connected you can see how in the next step once that is done the gun is complete enjoy! cut a slit for the switch like shown above for a nice finish

Step 7: Finished

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