Introduction: Beginner Friendly Comic Book Look

I decided to create a beginner friendly comic book look, that anyone can create. I choose to create this look because of my love for comic books and anime. I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed building it!

Materials Needed:



-translucent powder


-eye shadow brush small and big

-angled eyeliner brush

-white cream paint


Step 1: Clean Slate

As with any look, you must start with a clean dry face, to make sure all products are able to adhere properly to the skin.

Step 2: Apply Foundation

Apply foundation to the skin to make the face even all throughout for a even application.

Step 3: Blend

Take a sponge to blend foundation into the skin. Take translucent powder to set foundation to keep the product in place and to ensure longevity of the look.

Step 4: Eyebrows

Take your angled eyeliner brush along with black cream liner and start to create the brow. Start at the beginning of the brow and create a straight line across the natural brow arch of the eyebrow. Blend upwards using feathering motion to create hairlike strokes.

Step 5: Outline

Next, take your black cream liner and angled eyeliner brush and start to outline the areas in which you want to create the cartoon effect. *This step is completely up to you on where you would like to place the lines. I typically like to follow my bone structure and cheek bones to apply lines.* Don't stress out if your outline is not exact, its art which makes this look even more fun to create!

Step 6: Shading and Blending

Take your eyeshadow brush to blend out the lines you created earlier. Lightly place the brush up against the outline and begin to blend out the harsh line downward to create dimension for the look.

Step 7: Highlight

Next, take your white based cream along with the angled brush to start creating highlights for the look. By implementing the highlight with the shading it gives the look more of an cartoon effect, as well as depth when photographing. * This step is completely your choice of placement as far as where you would like the light to standout*

Step 8: Final Touch

Take gold colored lip gloss or your favorite lip color to complete the look. Do not forget to add outlines to the lips as well as the highlight along the lip also.

Step 9: All Done

Here is the completed look, grab your costume and begin your adventure!