Introduction: Beginner How to Make Cute Butterfly Stud Earrings

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This beginner tutorial shows you how to make cute butterfly stud earrings.


- 22 gauge wire

- round nose pliers

- chain nose pliers

- wire cutters

- sandpaper or

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Cut four inches of 22 gauge wire. If you are making this for the first time, I recommend going 5 inches and then trimming the extra off.

Step 2: Bend

Make a right-angle bend at the 3/8 inch mark.

Step 3: Loop

Make a large loop with the bottom of your round nose pliers at the bend.

Step 4: Bend

At the top middle of the loop, bend outwards at a ninety-degree angle.

Step 5: Loop

Make another loop, smaller than the first, at the second bend.

Step 6: Bend

Bend the wire upwards where the wing touches the body of the butterfly. Squish it down.

Step 7: Antenna

Make a bend above that bend to form the antenna. Squish it down.

Step 8: Bend

Make a bend slightly above the bottom of the antenna. Squish it down a little.

Step 9: Other Side

For the other side, do the same steps we did, in reverse.

Step 10: You're Done!

You're done!