Introduction: QUAD TRAINING MISSION 2 - Out and Back

In this instructable, you'll fly your first mission away from the landing pad.


  1. Have a quadcopter.
  2. Know how to turn on quadcopter and bind controller.
  3. A safe area to fly (see below).

Here are the maneuvers you'll perform - please watch the video to see a demonstration of these steps:

  1. Takeoff and ascend (climb) to approximately 10ft AGL.
  2. Hover for ten seconds.
  3. Fly forward and stop over the target area.
  4. Hover for ten seconds.
  5. Land on the target.
  6. Takeoff and ascend to approximately 10ft AGL.
  7. Fly backwards, stopping over the landing area.
  8. Hover for ten seconds.
  9. Land on the X.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before proceeding.

  • Safety first...
    • If at anytime you see other aircraft in your area, land immediately.
    • If at anytime you feel the quad is out of control, return both sticks to the neutral (center) position. Check that you're over a safe area and then land by reducing the throttle (pulling the left throttle downward) until the quad lands.
    • Do not fly near other people or pets.
    • If you see people approaching your flying area, kindly ask them to keep a safe distance away. If they continue towards your flying area, land immediately.
  • While learning, keep the front of the quad facing AWAY from you. This orientation will make the most sense at first because the quad will respond in the direction you push the controls. Turn yourself to keep this orientation if needed.
  • Don't turn the quad with left stick (yaw) just yet. If you do so, you'll change the orientation of the quad and may get confused.

This instruction is not written for a specific quad. Some quads are more stable than others and will lend themselves to learning more than others. A quad with a GPS (Sky Viper GPS, Promark GPS, DJI) should stay in place when the sticks are in their neutral position - this is best for learning. Quads without a GPS will most likely wander and require correction with the controls. You can use these types of quads, but they will be harder to control.

Index of Missions:

Flying Mission 01:

Flying Mission 02:

Flying Mission 03:

Step 1: Takeoff

Begin with both sticks in their neutral position (centered). Slowly push the left stick (throttle) forward. This will increase the speed of the propellers and the quad will begin to rise.

Step 2: Climb to 10ft and Hover

As the quad reaches about 8 feet above the ground, ease of the throttle and return it to its neutral position (centered). You should stop climbing about 10 feet off the ground. The quad should now hover in place. Leave it hovering for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Fly Forward, Stop and Hover

Gently ease the right stick forward (pitch forward). The quad will start to move in a forward direction (away from you). When you are nearly over the target on the landing zone, ease the right stick back to its neutral position. The quad will stop moving forward. Hover in place for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Descend and Land

Ease the left stick downwards (toward you), which will reduce the throttle. The quad will descend. Proceed slowly and try to settle the quad gently onto the landing pad by easing off the throttle (returning it to center) as you approach the landing pad. Landing can be tricky; the goal is to settle gently onto the pad.

If you find you are not over the pad as you descend, return the left stick to neutral and use the right stick (pitch and roll) to position the quad more accurately. Use very gentle movements of the sticks and return the sticks back to neutral quickly. Try not to overcompensate; instead return the stick to neutral and then correct. If the quad starts to get out of control, return the sticks to neutral (hover) and assess the position of the quad, then make the correct gentle correction. Go slow and be methodical. As you gain experience, landing will become easier.

As you touch the landing pad, hold the left stick (throttle) all the way down to make sure the quad doesn't take off again. Once you're satisfied that you've landed and stopped moving, return the left stick to neutral.

Congratulate yourself on a successful landing!

Wait at least 10 seconds before performing the next step...

Step 5: Return to Base

Reverse the order that you performed the previous steps and return to the original landing pad (the X). Remember that you will be pulling the right stick (pitch) backwards when you return. Hover for 10 seconds while transitioning between ascending and flying back to the landing pad as well as when descending. This will give you time to think about the controls and keep yourself oriented with the craft.

Practice this maneuver several times before adding more complicated flying. It's also a good maneuver to warm up with before trying other tasks.

After you've landed on the X and practiced the maneuver a few times, try using both sticks at the same time as you land. The controls will become more natural as you fly more. Like everything, perfect practice makes for a perfect performance.

Go on to the next lesson (coming soon) when you've flown this mission three times in a row and performed all of the tasks at 100% proficiency.