Introduction: Beginner Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Over on my YouTube channel i have decided to start a beginner series to help anyone who is starting out in makeup.

As a first step in eyeshadow i thought that a smokey eye is key to most looks that you can create so i thought that would make a good starting point.

My hope is that breaking it down step by step will make it easier to follow as tutorials are so fast paced these days!

Step 1: Create the Perfect Base...

I start by priming my eyelids, here i'm using Mac cosmetics paint pot in painterly and I'm applying that with a flat synthetic brush. I then take a fluffy blending brush and a setting powder to set that and take away the tacky feeling. You can use any primer or powder you like and if you don't have eye primer then you can use your favourite concealer!

Step 2: Choose Your Shades and Build Your Smokey Eye...

Next its time to pick the shades you want to use, I would suggest a mid toned shade and a slightly deeper shade that will work well together.

Taking a fluffy brush i applied the warm brown to my crease and blended it out so that there were no harsh edges.

Then taking a slightly smaller more tapered blending brush i repeated this step to deepen it up a little and drag the colour down onto the eyelid. Make sure the colour is darkest by the lash line fading and getting lighter as you get closer to the brow.

After that you can take a smaller brush and run the shade under your lower lashes, making sure to connect it to the top at the outer edges.

Step 3: Final Steps

Now just to add liner to the upper and lower waterline. Apply your favourite mascara and thats it. simple!

Find the full tutorial over on my YouTube channel!