Introduction: Beginner Ukulele

Create a ukulele in seven easy steps!

Step 1: Cut Cellophane

Cut out the plastic (cellophane) in the opening of the tissue box for ease of strumming.

Step 2: Trace Paper Towel Roll

With a marker, use the paper towel roll to trace a circle on one small side of the box.

Step 3: Cut Hole

Cut around the lines of the traced circle with a craft knife and throw it away.

Step 4: Insert Paper Towel Roll

Insert the paper towel roll two to three inches into the hole on the side of the box.

Step 5: Secure Paper Towel Roll

Secure the paper towel roll to the box by adding a ring of hot glue around the outside of the roll.

Step 6: Add Rubber Bands

Add four rubber bands lengthwise to the box over the oval tissue hole. You may use tape on the bottom of the box to secure the rubber bands. You can use an assortment of rubber band sizes to vary the sounds when strumming.

Step 7: Decorate

Decorate your box and rock on!