Introduction: #3 Beginner's Guide to Arduino Hardware Part 1

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Sometimes it's the little things in life that can turn into major stumbling blocks and that definitely applies to noobs starting on their Arduino journey. It certainly was so in my case.

So in this video I outline a few fundamentals that you need to start your Arduino project, from the zillion out there on the 'net. Sorting the chaff from the wheat, so to speak.

From the basics such as Dupont connection cables, up to an Arduino UNO board itself, it helps if someone is there to hold your hand as you start your first steps into this exciting world of intelligent electronics. And you don't need to spend a fortune on parts either - you just need a little patience sometimes. If you're in the part of the world that can order items from eBay then the Far East is a treasure trove of electronic cornucopia, at prices that make building Arduino-based projects very cost effective. The downside is that you may have to wait a little longer for that slow-boat-from-China to arrive, but it's all worthwhile.

I can sense that you're eager to watch the video so I'll leave you with this advice: when starting your first Arduino project, don't try and build the home-equivalent of NASA straight off. Try something a little smaller, do-able, cheaper but which will give you immense satisfaction when it all comes together!

And if you need help don't forget that the forum site is there to help - once you have shown that you have helped yourself and need specific help on a specific problem. Requests to 'Help with my school homework coding' don't go down well with the gurus there; requests to assist you in general project guidance or tricky C++ coding questions such as 'How many days does the millis() timer run before resetting' will elicit positive replies. You may even find me lurking in the shadows, helping where I can.

Now enjoy the video, and, as always, thanks for watching!