Introduction: Beginners Projects

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If you want to knit, but are a beginner, I would recommend knitting a few scarfs. This way you will get into your own rhythm -and it's good practice for getting used to knitting evenly. You will also master holding the needles comfortably while simultaneously maneuvering the yarn! Also at the end you have actually made something! It's also a good way to try out new stitch patterns. The very first thing I ever knitted was a totally garter stitch scarf. It was years ago when I was five years old and sick in bed, and I just knitted and knittted a long, long scarf with all different scraps of leftover yarns that my mother had. It wasn't very even but for a five year old, I did a good job. In those days when you were sick you had to stay in bed! I am sure I got better quicker because it gave me an interest. There were no TV's or radios in bedrooms in those days!

Here are some pictures of my more recent attempts, which have made lovely presents for holidays and birthdays.

One note: If you knit in stockinette stitch throughout you will find that the scarf curls up at the sides and the ends. Garter stich and variations of Moss stitch work better as they prevent the yarn from curling up at the edges. Also if you use Homespun it's not very good for fringes, as it frays easily. I usually use a different kind of yarn, if I want a fringe as well.

I used a lot of Fun Fur, Fancy Fur, Homespun, Incredible and Trellis yarns, which are all made by Lion Brand, and they have lots of free scarf patterns on yarn wrappers and also on their web site. Here's the link to the web site

Red Heart Super Saver yarns are great too If you are an absolute beginner, I would stay away from the really fancy bobbly furry yarns until you have the hang of it. Two of the scarves shown together were: one knitted with Bernat Eyelash and the other from a kit that came complete with instructions and knitting needles! However, I would recommend either using Red Heart super saver or Lion Brand Woolease to learn with. That way, if you drop a stitch you will be able to see it! Also start with needles that are not too large or not too small - US # 9's or 10's would be good.

Hope you all have fun whatever you end up knitting. I am so happy that it has made a "come-back". There are so many wonderful new yarns available now. Good Luck!