Being Bestfriends

Introduction: Being Bestfriends

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We known each other since pre-school but we were not friends and it was a good thing I meet her and we started to hang out in the summer of 2016 and it is all most 1 year but we have our ups and downs but we always get through it no matter what she will always will be a big part of my life.

Step 1: Friendship

Well the funny thing is My best friend and I were not friend when we were little we didn't

like each other. We didn't know each other and when were in 6th grade we became best friends

and she is a big part if my life.

Step 2: Being Bored Together

Well we are usually never bored we always have something to do

like we play basketball together all the time

Step 3: When You Don't Know How to Lie

Well my best friend don't know how to lie to me

when she does I can tell she don't think I know but I do. It is

really funny when she tries to and yeah

Step 4: Being Sad Together

Being sad together

sorry about the picture. Well right know I am sad because

she just moved to Seattle and I wish she never moved.

But what we do when we are sad is we think of funny

things like what we remember like that one time when

I was running down a hill and fell she just started to laugh and

then help me up.

Step 5: Being Mad Each Other

Well her and I have our ups and downs and we always get over it. But there was this one time we were in the biggest argument and we were mad at each other for like 2 weeks and then we finally got over it and I was happy that we got over it because I was hurting for 2 weeks.

But if that happens to you , you have to just sit and talk about it.

Step 6:

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    i know right


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah I miss her so much