Introduction: Bell Girl

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Those follow scenes often happen in our company.

"Hello,your takeout have gone,please open the door. " Five minutes later... "Hello,your takeout have gone for a long time,please open the door..." But you have opened the door five minute ago,just the courier don't know. There's no voice chat on the door.How to let the courier know the door's open?When doorbell ringing, how can everybody open the door?

In my opinion,we need a bell girl help us.When you open the door,she'll tell the man outdoor it has opened.He can come in himself.

Today,we make a "Bell Girl",and we believe this Instructable is the most comprehensive step-by-step guide to make yourself "Bell Girl".

Step 1: List

Component list

Tool & Parts List

  • Angle Iron
  • Screw
  • Electric Screw Driver
  • Double sides adhesive tape

Step 2: ​PartA the House Body

1-1 Laser cutting(acryl&plywood)

Design two lovely girls,one means open and the other means close.

Design drawings paintings with computer Laser cutting the house,body、foof and window

2-1 To assemble the house——turn the screw

To fit the top plywood and the side-face plywood together by screw and angle iron.

To fit the top plywood and the other side parts of house together.

3 Fill color

Give the open girl green hair,give the close girl red hair.

Some prompts.

4 Mount the acryl

Along the side of a circle of double-sided adhesive.

Put the acryl in the hole.

Step 3: PartB the Roof

5 Model magic

Make the roof red with model magic.

Using the palm of your hand roll a thin tube.

Cut into cubes.

With the palm turned into a flat.

Repeat the steps.

Step 4: PartC the Bottom Cover

6 Fix the bottom cover

Fix the bottom cover with screws.

7 Body love roof

Get the body and bottom cover tegether with angle irons and screws.

Fix body,roof and bottom cover.

Step 5: Fix the Electronic Modules

Hardware connection as below:

D2 > WS2812B Leds

D5 > Grove - Recorder

D12 > Grove - Relay

D14 > Grove - Magnetic Switch

Step 6: Software Works

Wio Link is based on ESP8266.

Download the attached code and upload to the board.

Put hands on get information about how to use the board.

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