Introduction: Belt Knife for Dummies

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This is a short instructable on how to make a knife that fits 99% of belts. No special tools, skills or belts needed, and it will probably take you less than 5 minutes to complete the whole project:) We kept these in the military just incase.


Step 1: Materials!

First gather all of your materials. You can use leftovers for the most parts of this knife:)

1. A piece of string. I used a piece of a nice synthetic thin rope. You only need about 5 inches (10-15cm) of it.

2. Some kind of duct tape. I use Tesa isolation tape which is kind of like using a thin fabric with glue on it.

3. A surgeon's knife - I asked my friend who's dad is a surgeon. I'm sure many of you know some who is a surgeon and could find you one, or even a paramedic.

4. A belt WIDER than your surgeon's knife!

Step 2: Tie a Rope to Your Knife

Using a strangle knot as shown in the pictures, tie the string so you have something to draw the knife out of your belt with. if my pictures misguide you, try googling strangle knot.

Step 3: Make a Handle

use your smoothest duct tape and wrap it around your knife from the end of the blade to cover the entire hole. Make 2-3 wraps but keep the knife flat. Once you're done, cut off any excess material.

To make the other side of your cord easier to grab make a single over-hand knot. To finish up, burn up all the loss ends of the knots.

Step 4: DONE!

This is the best picture I've got right now and I'll get some better ones, but the knife fits right next to the buckle. Try to find 2 stiches that are next to each other, and fit the knife right between them. Make sure it's not longer than your belt, because these knifes are SHARP! Make sure it fits snug and doesn't move around, you dont want to fall.

Cya soon!