Belt and Disc Sander Use

Introduction: Belt and Disc Sander Use

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  • The tables can be tilted in order to sand at an angle.
    • See Shop Staff before making table adjustments, or refer to your tool's manual.
  • Keep material flat on the table when working at an angle.
    • If you can’t do this, use a hand-held tool to shape your work.
  • Move the material back and forth on the table, to avoid wearing the paper in one spot.

When working with small parts, they may become too hot to hold.

  • Use locking pliers, like VISE-GRIPS to hold the parts.
  • Occasionally dip the part in water to cool it off.
    • Prevent rust; dry any water left on the table.
  • Never wear gloves.

Step 1: Disc Sander Guards

Only sand on the portion of the disc that is moving down, towards the table.

  • Never move the guards.

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