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Introduction: Bench Grinder Table

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I bought this bench grinder a while back and ever since I wanted to build a table for it. Recently i just had the time to do it. Its pretty simple. Use whatever wood lengths you can get your hands on.

Just follow the instructions and you will be set.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following

1. Bench Grinder

2. 20 feet length of wood

3. Wood Screws

4. Wood Glue

5. Sheet of Wood

6. Paint

7. Paint Brush

8. Drill machine

9. Sand Paper

Step 2: Cut the Wood

You will need to cut the lengths into pieces of the following length.

4 x 1 ft

4 x 2 ft

4 x 20 inch

Step 3: Make the Wide Sides

First we will make the longer sides. Place the two 20 inch and 2 ft like shows. Drill one of the corner using a 90 degree angle checker. Glue it and screw it. Do the same for the rest of the four. The bottom piece should be 2 inch above the end.

Make a second one just like it.

Step 4: Join Them Together

Join the 1 ft pieces the same way. Make sure to check the angles. Do all sides.

Step 5: Use a Scrap Sheet of Wood

Use a scrap sheet of wood. Or buy it. Attach it.

Step 6: Sand and Paint

Sand using sandpaper and then paint using enamel paint.

Step 7: Attach the Grinder

Place the grinder centered. Mark the spots. Drill it and then bolt it down.

Step 8: Done

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    7 years ago

    Hi BJ, Nice solid job, just one thing, it is better to mount the grinder on the front edge/corner of the table so you can reach all the angles of larger pieces, experience has taught me that, also as BeachsideHank says guards and a workrest must be fitted else fingers will be first to pay, again experience...


    7 years ago

    Did you use tilt shift photography? Everything is nice and clean in the pics but for some reason everything looks like a miniature....or is that my brain being weird? Nice work btw. I need to make a stand for my own grinder.


    7 years ago

    The grinding dust and grit will destroy the nice finish on the top of your bench. you should cover it with metal, or something that will protect it from the sparks, dust and grit.


    7 years ago

    It is my hope that you re- attached the stone guards and end bell caps before using the depicted grinder. An unguarded stone that shatters under stress becomes a very lethal projectile that has killed and maimed in the past. Further, spark arrestors are the small adjustable tabs seen at the top of the opening, they too are an important safety device and should also be utilized. Always stand off to one side when first turning on a bench grinder and try to work out of the direct line of fire.