Introduction: Bench POWER Supply (Part 2 - Case)

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Today I'm gonna show you how I made a CASE for my BENCH POWER SUPPLY.

I used a bamboo cutting board, a wooden plank, a glass from our old windows and vinyl warp.

If you seek a circuit, please watch the first part. There is a circuit and all the links for the purchase of all components.

Part 1:

Step 1: Lets Make 3D Model

I usually make 3D models before making my inventions. I want my things to look great :)

Step 2: Parts

I used:

  1. Bamboo cutting board
  2. Wooden plank
  3. Black vinyl wrap:
  4. Transparent vinyl wrap:
  5. Glass from an old window
  6. Silicone pads:

Step 3: Bamboo Cutting Board

Firstly I should say, that I use only hand tools becuose I don't have work shop, I live in a flat, I have neighbors. And so, I have to be quiet.
But my experience may shows that we all can do something beautiful without special instruments or materials at home.

1. Cutting the bamboo cutting board to two pieces.

2. Grinding pieces together.

3. Making a chamfer.

The most funny idea in this project is how to make chamfers without powered tools. And I solved this problem using just one wooden plank, piece of chipboard and sandpaper.
The detail was fixed on the chair. Wooden plank was laing on the floor unfixed. Angle between chairtop and plank was perfect for me.

It took me about 10 minutes per one chamfer. Raspel helped me.

Step 4: Wooden Planks

1. Cutting wooden pieces using a hand saw.

2. Making holes for 40mm fan and 220V socket using hand jigsaw and file.

3.Glueing the wooden planks together and with the bamboo left side using wooden plugs.

Step 5: Right Cover of the Case

I wanted the cover to open and close without screws on the surface.

I made holes in the wooden planks and in the cover. Glued nails into the holes in the cover. So, now the cover opens and closes with sufficient resistance. I have already opened and closed it about 15-20 times, and it still works.

Step 6: Putting a Vynil

I don’t have a hot air gun, so I attached it without it.

Step 7: Glass Window

Glass window.

1. Cutting glass from an old window using a glass cutter.

2. Making a hole into the bamboo cover. There are so many glue! Smell of sawing bamboo cover is terrible.

3. Gluing glass using silicone sealant.

Step 8: Electronics

Installing electronic components.

Please, watch the first part about electric circuit:

I used 2 fans 40mm, 12V.
One of them I put above a AC-DC power converters radiator. Other one I put into the heat air output.

Step 9: Logo

ZEUS is the sky and thunder god.

I made letters from an aluminum stick and glued it with epoxy glue.

Step 10: Result

So, my bench power supply is ready to work!

It looks great, mostly at night =)

Load - is "like" was made from a nichrome wire.

Please watch the video, there is more information and beautiful views. If you like it, please, subscribe on my YouTube!

PS: Sorry for my English (I'm learning). If you want to help me to do it better, please, correct me in the comentaries!