Introduction: Bench for Fire Pit

I needed a new bench by our fire pit, long enough to sit several people.  I also had two cedar trees that were too close to the fire pit and needed cut down.  So, not wanting to waste the trees, I decided to make the stumps the support for the bench; which makes the bench 13' in length.  I plan on using the remainder of the trees for future projects.  Here it goes...!

Step 1: Basic Frame for the Bench

I used 2" x 6" treated lumber to build the frame.  Then bench is 18" wide (deep), because....I bought 16' boards.  So, I cut 13' off each 16' board, then I cut 2 - 18" boards from each 16' board.  There's my basic frame.  I used 3" deck screws on the frame and 1/4" x 5" lag screws to fasten to each stump (2 in each stump).  I then added some scrap 2" x 4" as support for the decking boards.  I used 2 x 4 because I had extra pieces.

Step 2: Notching the Stumps

I notched each stump with my chain saw (and hand-saw when I flooded the chainsaw), to support the 4 - 2x6 boards.

Step 3: Designing the Back Support

I made supports for the 13' long back support (another 2" x 6").   I cut the supports to be at an angle.  In hind sight, I should have used a greater angle; maybe 15*, instead of the 7*. 

Step 4: Lag Screws for Back Supports

I used 6" x 1/4" lag screws to secure the back supports.  Which were 2" too long.  I'll saw them off with my hack saw, later

Step 5: Entire Frame, Prior to Decking

I secured the back rest to the 3 supports with 3" decking screws.  Again, the back rest is at about a 7* angle....not quite enough for optimal comfort.
I also added a section of cedar log for extra support in the middle of the bench.

Step 6: Almost Done....

I used some extra decking that I had.  Later, I'll use some leftover deck cleaner and then stain the entire bench.  I also notched the 'back' deck boards to fit around the back-rest supports.

Step 7: Success

All done!  Just add roaring fire and Sam Adams fall ale for a great fall bon-fire.