Introduction: Benchtop Power PCB Holder for ATX PSU - 3D Print

Purpose of this instructable is to have a benchtop power supply which can still be connected to a motherboard if necessary. I bought one of those Benchtop Power Supply PCB's from EBAY which is a very cheap and neat solution but had no mounting until now.

Step 1: Make 3D Printed Part and Assemble

The mounting i have made is a 3D printable solution which slides onto one side of the ATX Power supply with side dimensions 143mm X 86mm PSU side. It also requires 4 x M3 screws L=10mm and nuts to secure PCB to the 3D print. I actually manage to tap my holes so no nuts were required. It is advisable to put insulation tape on the metal side of the ATX to prevent shorting of terminals.

The design is produced from Openscad and Librecad. I use librecad for the DXF outline of the basic part to get dimensions and construction correct and then extrude the part in openscad and finalise the STL there.

All files are available on thingiverse

Download thingiverse files here...

There are two DXF's, one is the original and the other is a stripped out version to use in openscad extrusion.

The STL is output from openscad with File -> Save as STL but needs to flipped a full 180 degrees to be printed.

I printed this part with 0.3mm slice and 20% infill and takes about 4hrs to print on a Tevo Tornado. My part warped as you can see from title photo on the front but it did not effect its purpose. I am not an expert with 3D printer yet just getting to know what it can do.

I used velcro ties to keep cables under control / out of the way. No cutting of cables is necessary.

If the part needs modifying or customising all the data is there (DXF,Openscad and STL). I suggest you modify the DXF file first if power supply has different dimensions.

So i hope you enjoy this simple part....!