Introduction: Bendable LED Flashlight

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This is a easy LED flashlight that is made out of a USB LED light and is flexible so you can put it in spaces that regular flashlights don't fit you can even bend the bottom half so that it can stand up and you will not have to hold it. Now lets stop yappin' and start building!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

To make this instructable you will need:

Some duct tape.


Two 3-volt button cell battery.

A USB LED light with a switch (I got mine at dollar tree for $1!!).

Step 2: Snip Snip

Cut off the USB part of the USB light.

Step 3: Strip It Off

Take the end of the cord and strip the plastic casing around the wires. You should have 3 wires, the red and white ones you need but the other is for bendability. note: the red wire is negitive, and the white wire is positive.

Step 4: Time to Add Power

now we are going to add power. take a rectangular piece of duct tape and place the red (negitive) wire on the tape, next put both the batterys on it negitive side on the red wire, and now take the white wire and place it on top of the batterys and wrap the pack with tape like the picture. And your done have fun!