Bending Large Coroplast Sheets

Introduction: Bending Large Coroplast Sheets

The Stuff You'll need: Coroplast Sheet, heat gun, 2-2.5 by 1. 5 slotted steel angles 6 to 8 feet long

Step 1:

Pinch the Coroplast Sheet between the two slotted angles. Bolt down the angles to each other and put super magnets on the sides of the steel pinching the sheet so they attract and squeeze the sheet in the middle, where the angles tend to bend . Then put a bending force in the way you want the sheet to bend.

Step 2: Underneath the Sheet With the Heat Gun

Above all be safe and try to be ventilated. The heat process won't take long. Start at end of the jig that has the least bending force on it. If the bending forces are equal, start heating in the middle and work out evenly. After very little time the inner layer will start to expand and push outward. Try not the get one part of the sheet heated more than another, although the metal angle will spread the heat more evenly. You can lay down the sheet when the inner sheet is evenly folded, and it should fold neatly with a pop.

Step 3: Done

Above all this is both tech and art form. Have fun

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    Question 8 months ago

    Conceptually sounds exciting, but the pictures confuse me. Last picture especially seems to show only one angle piece. Also don't understand the function of the magnets. If the Coroplast is clamped between two angle pieces, why are magnets needed? Can you provide more pictures or different angles for the pictures that might clarify? Thanks :)


    5 years ago

    Hi mud - thought this was a great build - holes in the clamp are a excellent way to grip but still allow heat to be applied to the bottom of the job if needed.
    This would be a cool tool if I was going to look at building another recumbent bike - making a body would have been far less of a struggle with this idea.
    Nice INST.
    Liked this idea a lot so have put it as my first COOL BUILD on the F/B group PROTO - TYPE - CHAT, this and your other Instructables are very interesting, if ya get a mo it would be great if ya popped over and told a little more about yourself and your up n coming projects, things that inspire ya etc - - plus Mud Stuffin is a cool user name to have as a group member.

    Nice job.