Introduction: Bentwood Rings

In this instructable we will be making a bentwood ring. These rings are extremely strong and super easy to make! Here are some supplies you will need:

1 12" sheet of wood veneer
1 paper cutter or a sharp craft knife
1 bottle of CA glue (super glue)
Epoxy/polyurethane/linseed oil
Measuring tape
Large pot
Sandpaper 220 320 and 400 grit
C and AA battery
Masking tape
A finger

Step 1: Cut Wood to Size

You will need the ruler and paper cutter for this step. Measure about 1/2 to 1/3 of an inch on the wood veneer to cut. This may seem to be excessive, but you'll sand off a lot at the end to get a good edge. Now, cut down the veneer longways to get a strip.

Step 2: Boil the Wood

Now you will need to boil some water in the large pot. In this case, it is easier to have some forks ready for keeping the wood down in the water. The wood has to be boiled so that it can be wrapped without cracking or splitting. Put the wood veneer in the boiling water for about 20 minutes, but going over that time won't hurt the project at all. It helps to put the wood in sideways to make sure that they fit inside the pot.

Step 3: Wrap the Wood

Get your C battery ready. You have to wrap the now boiled wood around the battery to give it shape as it dries. Slowly and carefully take the veneer and start to wrap it around. Now, it is helpful to have a set of helping hands. What you have to do is wrap the circle of wood in masking tape so that it will stay shaped as it dries. It won't stick to wet wood, so you'll have to wrap it all the way around and stick it to itself. Now you can slide it off of the battery and let dry overnight.

Step 4: Pre Glue Prep

This bit is difficult to do alone, so it's nice to have someone else to help. What you have to do is measure the finger you are going to wear the ring on. Once you get the circumference, you have to wrap tape around the AA battery to make a suitable pseudofinger to glue the ring on. Make sure to be SUPER careful, any bumps on the tape will show on the ring. There's an image of the ring on the tape, but you get the idea.


Finally, the step we've all been waiting for. Grab your super glue, and get crackin. What you want to do is wrap the veneer around the tape on the battery. You WILL have glue fingers, so try not to get glue on your clothes or stick something to yourself :). In any case, you have to glue the wood down to itself to form the ring. Stop every 1/2 inch to let the CA set. Sorry for now images, my hands were quite busy (and sticky).

Step 6: Sanding (eew)

Now for sanding. You will need to take down where the wood meets first and last strip. I would reccomend a piece of sandpaper taped around a pencil for sanding the inside. You can leave the ring with sharp edges, but I didn't. You can also decide on the final width of the ring by sanding it down on the 220 grit. This part is mostly up to you, the wood is your oyster. Ba dum tssss.


Finally, you have a super cool super glue ring, which will promptly get beaten up and destroyed in the oh so unforgivable outside world. Have no fear, for sealants are here! I personally like epoxy, mostly because I had some left over from a kayak I am currently building. However, you can use linseed oil and beeswax, polyurethane, or even more super glue. All of these will bring out the natural shine and beautiful grain in your ring. With epoxy, I mixed some up and applied it with a paintbrush. I put the ring on a paper clip contraption that actually held it up very well. Now let it set and you are finally finished. Enjoy!
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