Introduction: Berry Bananza

Required Materials:

- A Blender or Smoothie Maker

- A Packet of Mixed Berry Fruit - Must Be Frozen

- 1 Banana

- Nutella

- Vanilla Flavored Protein Powder (Type of Protein Dependent on Individuals Goal)

- Milk

Step 1: Berries

- Add a generous sized handful of mixed berries into the empty NutriBullet cup. (Should fill roughly 1/3 of the NutriBullet cup)

Step 2: Protein

- Add one or two scoops of protein (dependent on level of soreness)

Step 3: Milk

- Add milk to roughly an inch below ‘max’ line

Step 4: Bananas

- Break up ½ of a banana into manageable chunks

- Add to NutriBullet cup

Step 5: Nutella

- Add one teaspoon of Nutella

Step 6: Shake

- Add lid to NutriBullet cup

- Shake well until all ingredients are submerged with milk (substance should begin turning purple)

Step 7: Blend

- Fit the NutriBullet cup into the NutriBullet (make sure to align the cup with three holes provided)

- After about 20 seconds remove and shake well

- Return to blend for a further 10 seconds or until substance is a smooth purple color

Step 8: Serve

- Remove cup and pour in separate cups (can serve 2)


- Remove NutriBullet cup and enjoy all to yourself