Introduction: Best Airsoft Grenade Ever and Very Simple!!!

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This is the worlds best airsoft grenade. very powerfull, with about a 30 foot blast radius and very simple to make. i have done very extensive testing and have concluded that this is the best nade out there

Step 1: Get the Outer Shell

The outer shell is very simple, and consists of nothing more than a plastic baggie! you can get about 2 grenades from each baggie.
There is no pic cuz its pretty self explanatory.

Step 2: Fill the Grenade

take about a hundred airsoft bb's (exact number dosent matter) and push all of them down into a corner of the plastic baggie.

Step 3: Tie Off the Grenade

with all the bb's pushed into the corner, twist the baggie with the plastic pulled tight. it is verry important that the plastic is pulled very very very tight! then twist the baggie to hold the bb's in the corner. next wrap the twisted part in duct tape.

Step 4: Add a Firecraker and Finish

with a knife or sissors, make a small insition neer the top of the grenade. insert a firecraker in this hole. paper fuses are generally best for air explotions while visco fuse are very well when you need more time to aim accuratly. have fun owning at airsoft!!!!

Step 5: Accesorys

no u may be wondering, how do i light this stupid thing??? problem solved! if u got a carabiner laying around and some rubber bands, simply tie the rubber bands around the carabiner in a polymer knot (the knot communly used to tie luggage tags on suitcases) or another knot. then duct tape the other end of the rubber band onto the lighter. (this only works with cigarette lighters) then clip the carabiner on your belt loop and away we go!!