Introduction: Best Bed Frame...Ever or Make a Bed With Storage Out of Milk Crates

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 So I have been moving around a lot and had accumulated a large amount of milk crates, but after unpacking had no where to put them and had my mattress on the floor.  So I combined the two making a really great place for storage and no clutter (i.e. milk crates lining my wall).

What you will need:
About 20 milk crates or other similar sized storage (I used a mixture of crates, boxes and plastic tubs)

Step 1: Arrange the Crates

 Not all of my crates/boxes were the same size so I tried to put the larger ones at the head of the bed and used flattened boxes to raise the level of the others while also adding a little cushion.

Step 2: Lay Down the Mattress

 When I first started using this I had an inflatable mattress (hence the importance of the flattened boxes)  So after covering all sharp edges with cardboard it was time to put the mattress down. And Voila!  A very comfortable raised mattress without the need of a box spring!  

Step 3: Sleep Easy

 Now you can sleep easy and not have to worry about where to put all of those boxes and storage crates!  Sweet Dreams...