Introduction: Best Butterfly Origami Ever!

About: Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Sophomore

Heyo! Do you love origami, but are a beginner? Do you want to learn how to make something more than a fortune teller? Then you're just like me! I love how origami looks but I am so bad at it! So I looked up how to make easy origami animals (and to be honest they all looked much harder than they advertised to be) and I eventually I found instructions on how to make a butterfly. And I love butterflies so it was perfect! I slaved away trying to find out how to do this, and after many trial and errors, I'm here to show you how to do it! I've made the instructions clear and simple, something I wished I had why I was learning. But you are lucky! You have me!

Anyways I guess I should talk a little bit about me. I'm a sophomore in high school, in Texas, and I love Engineering (hence the iluvengineering name). Keep reading for instructions on how to make a beautiful origami butterfly!

Step 1: Make an Origami Base

You might not know what this is if you’re not an origami nerd. Luckily for you, it’s really simple. Start by making the folds depicted by the blue lines in the picture. Then just smush 2 of the sides in, as shown in the video (, to create a what looks like a triangle.

Step 2: Fold Down 2 of the Flaps

Bring 2 of the flaps down so that the corners meet in the middle. It should fit very nicely and feel very satisfying.

Step 3: Flip It Over

The easiest step! Simply flip it over to the smooth side.

Step 4: Fold the Bottom Part Over

Fold the top part of the big triangle over and leave a little bit of the top peaking out.

Step 5: Bring Down 1 of the Triangle Flaps

Fold down 1 of the triangle flaps and flatten it down as much as possible.

Step 6: Bring Down the 2nd Flap

Pull down the 2nd one just like you did in Step 5.

Step 7: Flip It Over

Clearly the hardest step.

Step 8: Fold Down the Little Triangle

See the itty bitty triangle peaking out? Fold that over!

Step 9: Fold the Left Side Under the Right Side

Fold everything in half so that it looks like the photo below (or at least a little bit similar).

Step 10: Diagonally Fold It

This step is a little hard, but if it doesn’t work out perfectly for you that’s okay because your butterfly will still look amazing. Fold each wing half diagonally so that when you open it your butterly will have a little raised part in the middle! It will look like the 2nd picture shown.

Step 11: Use Crazy Colors!

You can use scrapbook paper or origami paper!