Introduction: Best DIY Scuba Diver Costume for 5 Year Old

He wore solid black stretch pants, solid black long sleeve shirt with hoodie, solid black socks, and his swimming shoes.

Step 1: Scuba Gear

We already had the scuba mask, scuba norkel, and scuba flippers from this past summer. They are the youth size scuba kit from our local store.

Step 2: Air Tanks

To make the air tanks, we painted two 2-liters the color green to match his scuba gear.  We painted the lids the black to represent a real scuba air tank. We used black duct tape to keep them together. We borrowed a pair of black suspenders from his sister to secure them on his back.  We reversed the suspenders. We clipped the 2 fasteners on the back onto the tape and the single fastener to the fron of his waist band. It worked great.  When it was dark outside, we put a green plastic glow stick and a LED light stick in each tank.  He glowed from a mile away.

Step 3: Air Tubing

To make the air regulator. We used tubing from an old cpap machine. We put the tubing thru the caps of the 2 liter and then around his neck. When it was dark outside, we put green glow sticks in the tubes and it really looked awesome.

Step 4: Weighted Belt

To make the weighted belt.  We used and old guitar strap. We coverd 2 small ring boxes with aluminum foil. We attched the "weights" with velcro.

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