Introduction: Best? Electonic Parts Kit Ever! ADALP2000 by Analog Devices

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We were ordering parts from Newark Electronics for our Kickstarter project, BriteBits. (This is a fun project to switch LEDs into miniature breakout boards for easy assembly on development projects.

You can check it out here: )

We saw an ad on the Newark website for an analog circuits learning module and a separate parts kit.

The parts kit has an impressive list of components, all for $45. That was an ok price, so we decided to check it out.

The parts are all contained in a clear, multi-compartment, storage container. We were very impressed with both the variety and the huge collection of breakout boards for a bunch of sensors.

Please look through our photos and tell us if you've found a better parts kit than this one.

Step 1: And Now for a Bunch of Photos.

The bins are all pretty full. We took two photos to show everything as it was when first opened. Then we had to take some parts out to show all the pieces hiding underneath.

Some parts were mixed around probably during shipping. We sorted most of the parts out for photos of groups of similar components.