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So our cat, like most cats, hates to wear a collar.  She's not very big or strong (about 10lbs.) but is easily able to remove break-away collars rendering them useless.  I wanted a collar that would stay on unless it put her in danger and I believe that this is a success in that avenue.

The collar is sturdy and she cannot remove it herself but it is elastic enough that, when she's gotten hung up on something, it stretches and she slips out.  Ness has been wearing this collar for almost two years and it shows no signs of wear.

As always, I am not responsible for what you choose to do with this information nor any consequences of your actions.

Per inch there are approximately: 21x titanium rings and 15x neoprene o-rings.  While I hand bent the rings I made from some 20ga titanium wire I had lying around, you can get pre-bent rings from here (my rings have an inner diameter of 5mm).  The neoprene o-rings I ordered from Fastenal and they have an approximate inner diameter of 2.8mm.

The titanium rings are stacked in 3's and each stack has 4 o-rings passing through it (as seen in the 4th picture).  Obviously, it is much easier to close the titanium rings around the o-rings and the inverse would be impossible.  While the collar looks thick and clunky on its own it is actually quite lightweight and looks very minimalist on our cat.  Lastly, the purple ID tube is one I picked up from Petsmart for a few dollars (it can be ordered here).  It contains a rolled up strip of paper with our contact information and I chose it because it was the smallest one I could find.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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