Best Ever DIY Body Lotion

Introduction: Best Ever DIY Body Lotion

The best body lotion I have ever used! Its simple, inexpensiveand amazing for luxurious soft and hydrated skin.

What you will need;

8 0z jar of vaseline
8 0z jar of vitamin E lotion
12 oz bottle of baby lotion
2-5 capsules of Vitamin E (optional)
Jar or container

Add all ingredients into a large bowl and use a hand mixer to blend them until they are smooth and creamy!
Find a few jars or containers to put the lotion in. You can use a mason jar even. Create a pretty label, tab etc.  
Make it as pretty or practical as you like and be sure to give some to your friends as gift they will THANK YOU for forever

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Did you just pick a body lotion with vitamin E in it or are there other specific ingredients you looked for? I just picked one that said "vitamin E enriched" and I also used a vaseline with added vitamin E seeing as I didn't have vitamin E capsules.

    So my verdict: This is a good moisturising lotion, especially for winter, but overall it feels a bit too "thick" and "oily" for everyday use for me.

    When I put it on it felt a bit too oily for my taste, but I think it's because I'm not used to using baby lotion. When I took a bath the next day I could still feel it sitting on my skin, I think that's because of the vaseline.  So when I make it again I might play around a bit more with the ratios of the ingredients.

    My hand blender also seemed to have a bit of a harder time with the viscosity of the lotion, and I think it'll be easy to mix it by hand with a spoon or an egg whisk.

    But I loved the easy recipe (2:2:3 vaseline:vit E lotion:baby lotion) and am still impressed by the result.  Thanks for sharing!!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there and thanks for posting:) For the Vitamin E lotion I just picked the same as you... I live in a very small town with not a lot of options:(
    I used the capsules as well. For me I am very dry skinned. I also put it on right after a shower so it "soaks" into my skin. I think you can totally play with the amount of vaseline for your skin. I had no issues what so ever with my hand held blender and actually LOVED the fluffyiness it gave the lotion, but totally, you have to do what works best for you:)
    I finally convinced my husband to try it and now even he says.."where's that lotion you made?" Gotta love that!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well I only made a cup-full at first to try it out and the blender just fit in there, so next time I'll use a bigger bowl and I'm sure then it'll be more fluffy - at the moment I don't think it's very fluffy, more just well mixed. My skin is overall normal I think, but now with winter this works great! :)