Best Fishing Knots in the World!

Introduction: Best Fishing Knots in the World!

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Ya you heard me.

Step 1: Uni Knot

A knot for hooks, swivels, ect. based on a 4 tuck overhand knot

Step 2: Fisherman's Knot

A bend based on an overhand knot, if double overhand, it's a double fisherman's. If 4 tucks, it's a double uni knot.

Step 3: Double Fisherman's Knot

Step 4: Double Uni Knot

Step 5: Dropper Loop

used to attach extra hooks, weights, bobs, ect. along the line.

Step 6: Arbor Knot

used to attach lines to reels.

Step 7: Palomar Knot

One of the best fishing knots in the world.


Not all steps shown, click on the pictures to see more

Step 8: Improved Cinch Knot

One of my fishing mentors, Phil thinks this is the best one in the world.

Step 9: For More...

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