Best Fitting Face Mask Ever - How to Make the Nose Adjustment

Introduction: Best Fitting Face Mask Ever - How to Make the Nose Adjustment

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In this instructable I'd like to show you how to make a regular face mask adjustable so you can shape it to your nose this little hack makes wearing the mask more comfortable because the mask holds better on your nose.

If you want the complete tutorial on this face mask with nose adjustment and also a filter pocket, you can find it here. There's a pattern to download for free.

Moreover, I have other face mask tutorials as fell as homemade hand sanitizer tutorials and related tips on this website. I am adding new tutorials regularly and everything's for free. I hope my tutorials will contribute to helping people protect themselves from covid-19.

Step 1: The Hack

1. First, you need your unfinished mask - one side needs to be open. Remember, the complete tutorial on the face mask is here.

Stitch 0,5 cm from the upper and lower edge from the right side of the mask.

2. Fold one short edge (not the open one) 1 cm in and stitch.

3. Next, take the wire and make a round loop at one end. This will prevent the wire from making a hole in your fabric.

4. Insert the wire in the tunnel in one of the long sides. Push the wire in until you feel it has reached the other side of the mask.

5. Then bend the wire where the pocket is attached.

6. Pull the wire out until you see the bent point.

7. Cut the wire where it bends and make a loop.

8. Push the wire back in.

9. Now is the time to fold the open short edge in and stitch. If you did everything right, the wire ends where the pocket starts and folding the short edge will keep the wire in place.

That's it, not so difficult, was it?

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