Introduction: Best Friend Champagne Flutes

2 (I did 4) Champagne flutes (plain) - I got mine fr Michael's for approx $5.00 a piece
Enamel or glass paint and paint brushes
Pens that are meant to draw on non-porous and smooth surfaces like glass or plastic
Favourite quote (I used my best friend's favourite quote)
Favourite font

Wash champagne flutes with warm soapy water.
Wipe down with rubbing alcohol and let air dry.
Choose the font you want to use.
Divide the quote in half.  Write out the first half of quote on the back of a sticky note the way you'd like to see it on the first flute and stick it on the inside of a flute so you can trace the lettering onto the glass.  Do the same with the second half of the quote and let the flutes air dry. 
On the other side of the flute write the date or occasion (I wrote New Year’s Eve 2012 on ours) and on bottom of the flutes, write your name on one flute and your best friend’s on the other flute.
You will end up with one set of best friend change flutes to toast with at a special occasion.

*for a nice couples gift, make two of each, so that you and your bff as well as your spouses get the two halves to make a matching set