Introduction: Best Gopro Mount Ever Made

I have seen gopro accessory poles online and have also seen their hefty price tag. So i decided to go it alone and make one. After several attempts and a lot of spray paint. I have made these

Step 1: How To

I used 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch pvc pipe depending on how you want to mount the camera. I used 3/4 inch pipe and bolted a peice of my 3 way pivot mount inside the pipe. I then stopped any wiggle by filling the cracks with hot glue. Another option is to use an old buckle mount and sugru. If you want your pole to float in water, fill the pipe with a spray foam, such as " good stuff".

Step 2: Paint Job

1 spray paint pipe 1 color
2 wrap pipe in electrical tape
3 paint a darker color
4 wait
5 slowly and carefully peel the tape off
You now have a nice painted pole! Now for the grip

Step 3: Grip and Finish

I used a bycicle handlebar tape and then coated that with electrical tape for durability. I hope you have fun with it and please leave a good comment.

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