Introduction: Best Hot Chocolate

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Here in Australia we have something called Milo (does any other country have this?) and it makes a pretty decent hot chocolate drink. If you want a more classic hot chocolate there is powdered cocoa and sugar mixes, though they make a fairly average drink.  If you want gourmet hot chocolate then using a block of chocolate and milk is the way to go.  Read on...

Step 1: Do It!

Ingredients and Utensils

Chocolate bar or block, white, milk or dark
Small Saucepan

Start by warming a small amount of milk (cover the bottom of the pan and go up the sides about 5mm).
Take the milk off the heat and add chocolate.  About 20-30 grams per serve is a good guide but you might like to add more.
Mix until the chocolate is dissolved (off the heat).

Step 2: Finish It Off

Add more milk.  I recommend measuring the amount of milk you need.  If you are doing 2 mugs fill the mugs with milk and then pour that into the pan so you have the correct amount to fill your mugs. 

Return to the heat and warm this, constantly stirring, to your desired temperature.

Pour into mugs, get settled under a blanket and sip slowly.