Introduction: Best Improvement to a Finger Spray Bottle!

Ever got a spray bottle where you have to keep pumping the trigger to get it to finally spray? Here is how I solved this nuisance on one of my bottles.

Step 1: Remove the Spray Head.

A quick unscrew and the head comes off.

Step 2: The Nifty Check Valve!

Check valves are very handy in many applications from fuel pumps to aquarium air pumps. In fact this is a spare check valve from an aquarium air pump!

Step 3: Adding the Valve.

Provided the suction straw is the right inner diameter, the valve will fit on easily. The valve will have an arrow or label for the output or discharge. It is this side that goes into the straw. Now with the valve fitted, I screwed back on the head.

Step 4: Completion and Enjoyment!

Now once the trigger is pumped a few times to prime the suction straw, the spray bottle is ready for action anytime! No more have to pump pump pump to get the spray bottle to deliver it's cargo!

I hope you found this useful!