Best KNEX Gun

Introduction: Best KNEX Gun

This K’NEX gun is strong and easy to build and can shoot projectiles up to 35 feet.


See picture with list of K’NEX pieces.

Step 1: Build the Handles

Step 2: Build the Main Barrel - Part 1

Step 3: Build the Main Barrel - Part 2

Step 4: Build the Top of the Barrel

Step 5: Build the Front of the Barrel

Step 6: Gather the Launcher and Projectile

Step 7: Attach the Handles to the Barrel

Step 8: Assemble the Gun - Part 1

Connect main barrel parts 1 and 2.

Step 9: Assemble the Gun - Part 2

Attach the top of the barrel to the gun.

Step 10: Attach the Front

Attach the front piece of the barrel. Insert the red rods into the holes in the front.

Step 11: Attach the Launcher

Step 12: Insert the Projectile and Fire

Insert the yellow projectile into the front of the barrel. Note that you will need to push it in. This also ensures that it doesn’t fall out.

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