Best Leather Walllet

Introduction: Best Leather Walllet

A simple minimalistic wallet.







Step 1: Leather

select the leather of your choice and cut it to the size.

i made the back part out of 16 cm x 10 cm (6.29in x 3.93 in) *1piece

i made it of 9.8 cm x 6.2 cm (3.85 in x 2.44 in) *2 pieces

make cuts the size of your cards (generally 5.4 cm of width or 8.6 cm of length (if you´re putting them horizontaly)) *make as many cuts as the amount of the cards you wnat in the wallet.

*you have to leave margin of leather from the cut to the end of the leather (it´s where you are going to sew)

*i made another space in form of a rectangle with the ends circle for it to make as a point to slide a card with my thumb.

Step 2: Sewing

sew around the corners (in a u form, leaving the side facing to the inside without sewing,)

i gave a kind "texture" or "finish" by sewing with the zig zag form around all the edge of the wallet.

Step 3: Barrette

fold the wallet by half and sew at .5cm (1.96 in) form the fold (leaving a little tube )

insert the the back part of the barrete and push till its all the half inside.

Step 4: Inser Your Belongings

put your cards in the spaces you made with the cuts.

and for the bills, you slide them into the barrrete

and now it´s FINISHED !!!!!!!


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