Best Mini Paper 4-Point Shurikan

Introduction: Best Mini Paper 4-Point Shurikan

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a very good 4 point shurikan. It uses the same amount of paper that the bigger ones do but flies better than any throwing star i have ever seen! these make great "stars" for having a ninja war with friends.

tools needed...
scissors ( optional )
regular sheet paper, like the kind used to write on at school
folding skills, two hands ( optional )

  • i am not responsible for any injuries due to dumb or dangerous behavior, nor am i responsible for any punishments for throwing these at school, younger kids, pets, ect... *

Step 1: First Folds

take your normal piece of writing paper and fold hamburger style, then either rip or cut on the crease you made. after this you should have two rectangles that look the same. fold each of these hotdog, and then hotdog again. the shorter side of the rectangle should be about an inch, if it's not, redo you folds.

TIP * make sure all creases are sharp and crisp *

Step 2: The Hardest Part

now that you have the first step down you can progress to the harder part. like most of the other paper throwing stars you need to fold the Northeast corner down so that the sides are straight along the open edge. so do that, then flip it over and do the same thing to the other Northeast corner. corner should look vaguely like this... /-----/ take the bottom edge of the fold-over pieces and fold them down, now you should have another triangle, only the perimeter of the rectange is now a rectangle again. now take the slanted edge of the inner triangles and fold again along that line. now you have a rectangle with two triangles again, these are not the "blades" of the shurikan, but are very important so make sure they are crisp.

Step 3: Next to Last Step

fold your triangles straight up and to the point where they are equal. it should look like a square with bunny ears, or something along that line... unfold. now hold your paper vertically. put your right hand on the bottom triangle. fold it to the right making sure that you have a large triangle folded approximately to where the crease from where you folded the "bunny ears." flip over and repeat on the other side. you should have two large triangles touching, or what looks like a sail boat. make sure that the top of the triangle is a sharp edge as this is your "blade." be sure to have identicle pieces for the next step, so start again at step one and make another out of the other half of your writing paper.

Step 4: Assembly

you should now have two identical pieces to put together. lay them across eachother to something that looks something like a Nazi symbol. the last step is like folding a box. put one flap down, lay the next flap down ( going counter clockwise , and then the next flap. if you lay the last one down it will look like your shurikan, but won't stay together. for the last flap you need to insert it over the tip of third flap and under the first flap. adjusting is part of the ending process. move your shurikan around and make sure it is snug. when you have finished you will have a mini 4-point paper throwing star. the best way to throw it is to hold one of the "blades" and flick your wrist when you throw it. happy throwing!

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    11 years ago on Step 4

    that was a fail you ninja nerd


    14 years ago on Step 3

    i will be making a video of making the throwing stars so it will be here soon i think.


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 3

    :ol random pig lol

    [Q] two hands ( optional )[UQ] lol, optional, thats kind of funny. anyways, please join my group, its the naruto/ninja weapons group! it'd be great if you would.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    yes, it does use the same amount of paper as i say in the text, but i also say it flys much better, and it does. try making it, the vid will help if you have trouble.