Introduction: Best Place to Hide Toilet Paper in an Office Bathroom

Although it sounds weird and seems to be something no one talks about, toilet papers are sometimes of great value at toilets in some office or state buildings.

Step 1: Problem Statement

So you go to the bathroom hopefully, and when you arrive you see there is no paper...

At my office there is no official "authority" to provide toilet paper to the bathroom. Thus, we have to bring it by our own. Of course that, as a team, we could buy a large pack of toilet papers and bring them to the toilet, but we share the bathrooms with an entire floor, so when anyone brings some toilet paper it vanishes like money...

Me and my colleagues, we decided to buy toilet paper packs, keep them in our office and when anyone has to visit the the holy sanctuary, they had to take the toilet paper with them. But it seemed to be a tedious job for me, because I had to take the toilet paper to the bathroom every time I needed and then to take it back into the office. And, of course, everybody will be looking at you like I know what did you did in there. So I felt like I have to find a solution for that. And the solution was to grab one toilet paper and hide it somewhere so that no one could find it. That way, I could always have my own toilet paper which no one knows about and also no one knows when I am going to the toilet because I never come back with it. But where could I find the perfect hiding spot so that the toilet paper cannot be found?

Step 2: Wrong Hiding Places

For the beginning, I tried some "popular" or obvious hiding spaces. I thought that the best place to hide a thing is at everybody's sight. But it seemed to be wrong.

So I tried the following:

  1. Under the toilet's drain hose pipe. It is somehow hidden (you have to look around a while to find it). It showed to be a good solution. But only for a few days, after which the toilet paper disappeared.
  2. Behind the sink's pedestal. Hmm... thought it might be a good place, but I discovered that the cleaning ladies where using this spot to hide their cleaning solutions. So I avoided to give the paper to them for free...
  3. Under the radiator. We have radiators in our toilets, so it sounded like a viable alternative. I put the paper under it and stepped background to see my creation. And it was a mess: I could just enter the bathroom and you would see it from the beginning. So I had to look for a real alternative that is really a great place to hide the toilet paper.

Step 3: The Magic Spot

Have you every seen this magic spot? Most toilets have a "secret" small wall door that gives access to the pipes. Chances are that the sanitary installation to work properly so no one should come and repair a thing for a long period. So why not take a look inside? So I opened the "magic door".

You can see what I found: a lot of interconnected pipes and a very large space next to them. So why not put the toilet paper in there?

Step 4: Putting the Toilet Paper Inside and Actually Hiding It

You can now see how I put the toilet paper into the magnificent hiding place that no one knows about. And I closed the door.

I have been using this trick that I discovered by myself for months and no one found a single piece of toilet paper. :) And now I am sharing this great hiding place with everyone. Please use it with discretion - you don't want that everybody to be aware of it. :) Otherwise, it wouldn't be a hiding place anymore.

Step 5: Final Tips

In the end, please keep in mind that you have to make sure of a few things when using this tip:

  1. please make sure that you do not damage anything in there - of course, it is just a toilet paper so it couldn't be harmful
  2. please take care of not dropping the toilet paper in that space - chances are it is a larger space, so you have to make sure to place the toilet paper so that to sit on one or more pipes
  3. of course, make sure to do the moves without being seen and without making noises; noises could also make people be curious about what triggered them...

Happy toilet paper hiding!

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