Introduction: Rainwater Harvesting / Water Collection System + Mains Pressure Pump & First Flush System DIY

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Eliminate Fluoride, Chlorine, Nitrates and Phosphates from your water and save lots of £$ Money ! A DIY Rainwater Harvesting System which provides mains pressure at the tap. This system has a 320 Watt Stainless Steel pump fitted with a Genyo Enyo Flow Controller with demand valve run dry off switch, non-return valve, bleed valve and pressure gauge all in one unit. Does what it says on the box and is very reliable. Also installed is a first flush system, which is made from inexpensive grey plastic soil pipe, obtainable from most builder centers. Inside the first flush system a ball is inserted which rises during rainfall and closes off the first flush system, diverting all the water to the collection barrels which are fitted with 3 milk filter socks, which cost around £8.00 for a hundred. Fitted  using 2 x T junctions and 2x 90 degree elbows These are fitted to 32 mill push fit black waste pipe and are easily replaced. Both barrels on either side of the house are linked by a 32mm plastic pipe at the bottom. In one of the barrels a 400w GRUNDFOS WATER PUMP with a float switch transfers the water via a 10" sediment filter into the main storage tank. A Doulton ceramic candle filter is fitted to the bathroom tap and Kitchen drinking water tap. These filters are 99.9% effective at removing bacteria virus and cysts and essential for purifying the water, which by the way tastes and looks far cleaner than mains-water. Makes amazing coffee and tea also.  If we are to prevent these devastating floods and droughts, we really need to start thinking outside the box. Populations are increasing along with commercial use of our water. The pressure on reservoirs and rivers is rising and many countries are experiencing droughts and flash floods. We can all do our bit for the environment and in times of austerity, every little helps. 
Effective Economical Rainwater Harvesting System to provide all water used in the home. Includes making a 32 mm water diverter and first flush system with 25 micron water butt inlet filter socks, 5 micron 10 inch filter and housing. Hope you enjoy building one of these.

Drinking filtered rainwater free of chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, fertilizers, farm animal waste, wildfowl and fish waste makes more sense to me and tastes beautiful compared to the chemically treated mains water. A Pond UV Sterilizer can be added to make sure its pathogen free. We use a Doulton ceramic candle filter and housing for bathroom wash basin cold and for an additional filtered rainwater supply in the kitchen.

A double stopcock system has been installed to switch from rainwater to mains when tank is empty.

Would have liked a 3,500 litre tank, settled for a 2,700 litre tank for £155 Ebay
B&Q best for 32 mm pipe and connectors.  New Guttering came from a pvc window store. Toolstation for MDPE Pipe and  down pipe converter, fittings, Soil Pipe, fittings. Purchased a second hand 400w GRUNDFOS Stainless water pump from Ebay £45 including postage.  Buying a good make of pump from the onset is worth the investment. Previous one was a new Doulton pump with a float switch in one barrel cost £55.00 lasted just over a year before failing to work and became heavily corroded. See video showing corrosion: Initially installed a new Clarke Junior Hippo pump in barrel but it was a poor design also prone to rust and early failure.

Total Outlay: £620.00  including (new PVC fascia, soffet, guttering and roof sealant.  which cost about £250) You will probably be able to re-use your existing guttering.
Had some amazing bargains from Ebay. Mains pressure pump cost around £60.00, Genyo flow controller around £85.00, Guttering and Fascia about £180.00 Grundfos 400w second hand pump £45.00

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