Introduction: Best Stash Spot Ever

We all Know times can be tough.....Years of playing paper on the horses have been good to me in this uncertain time. Wanting to save a few silvers and gold for a raining day had came to mind after along days work. The wife and kids were down at the market, it was a perfect time to stash the goods. I decided to find a mason jar that had emptied all its goodness in our belly from days past.

Step 1: Get Your Loot and Jar Together

After stuffing all the copper,silver and gold I could in my jar. I thought really hard on where I could stash it some where on our little piece of land that was our american dream. I knew I had to bury it somewhere that I would never forget. The banks are crooks in this town and gophers were no better, but I can deal with gophers.

Step 2: Grab Your Digger and Go

This jar represents a years salary or more to most people around here. I went to the coop holding my loot like it was my life. I grabbed my favorite spade and I was off to find my X marks the spot.

Step 3: Get Your Land Mark and Dig

My favorite rock off in the distant woods is my location for my stash. I could never forget this spot so it will work just fine. I started digging down a bit and then a bit more. After I got down deep enough I put my loot in the earth. I made sure I covered it up well so it looked like I was never there.

Step 4: Relish in Your Hard Work

I was able to get this all done before the lady and kiddies got home. I was sitting at the dinner table like nothing happend. Feeling good about my good intentions I had a few sips of my favorite grog. And thats how we hide our precious loot in this town. Thanks and Enjoy

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